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Company Overview

Company recognizes its own core competencies in the continuous Research & Development of models and solutions aimed at improving Intelligence Processes, transforming them in Key Success Factors for our clients. Businesses in every stage of their life face extraordinary challenges. It may be turmoil in financial markets, introduction of new business models, expansion or consolidation, changing global and local regulation, or the threat of litigation. We aspire to be the strategic partner of our clients who can help them identify and manage both the opportunities as well as the risks inherent in succeeding in competitive business scenario’s. The experienced professionals of the company has proved to be such strategic partners for many of our clients over the decade presence in industry

Our Team

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Mr Vikram Singh is an independent consultant specializing in the field of indirect taxation, government incentives, and international banking. He renders advisory, planning, and compliance services for corporates on an Indirect Tax matter. With his in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Accountancy and Taxation, he understands the nuances of clients and thereby provides practically implementable solutions. To reduce client’s efforts, he helps them by providing a directed and systematic approach in a comprehensive manner which thus rewards in availing maximum benefits.

The implementation of his expertise has not only yielded maximum benefits for his clients but also has resulted in INR 5000 Cr of sectioned benefits in various forms such as incentives and subsidies to numerous corporate houses. Being backed by a strong support team, Mr Vikram provides end-to-end solutions in regards to PSI.

Mr Vikram not only consults in Government Reforms but also is a consultant to various other companies in the field of Excise, Service Tax and Sales Tax. From improving performance to optimizing risk to restructuring their operations or seizing new opportunities his approach and unique solutions have transmuted his client’s organization.

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Mr. Kedar Joshi is a practitioner Chartered Accountant who has an experience a decade old specializing in the area of sales tax. Being an expert in accountancy and taxation he has played a pivotal role in providing add-on benefits to his clients. He not only understands the needs of clients but also makes sure to provide practical solutions which satisfy both client’s needs and expectations. Thus his solutions are always useful and easy to implement for all his clients.

His experience includes VAT audit of all kinds of firms and companies, liaison with sales tax departments, representing the client in VAT / CST assessment, refund and business audits under sales tax etc. He is capable of providing end to end solution in regards to sales tax along with strong support team with relevant expertise.

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Trupti Pokale is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years of experience in Direct and Indirect Taxation. She has handled large expatriate assignments of multinational companies (MNC) during her 5-year tenure with one of the BIG Four’s.

As a part of core Goods and Service Tax (GST) team of Proficient Partners, she has worked extensively on GST implementation for large number of MNCs. With her expertise in GST, she has been providing GST related compliance, advisory, audit, refund and litigation services to large number of MNCs in both manufacturing and service industry.

She has built enduring relationship with her clients with her highly professional approach. She has an eye for solving client issues and always believes in satisfying clients by providing high quality services by taking into account the requirements and pain points of the clients.

The journey of implementation and compliance under newly introduced GST Law has been challenging in past and is still evolving with new provisions being introduced regularly. She partners and works as an active team member of her clients by proactively providing inputs to the clients out of extensive research of the changes being introduced in the GST Law. She helps the clients to understand the applicability of specific provisions which will directly or indirectly impact the taxability of the transactions.

She has been efficiently assisting clients in concluding GST Annual Returns and reconciliation statements with thorough and in-depth transaction level analysis about the taxability. This has benefitted the clients in reducing substantial exposure to interest and penalties.

The professional and systematic approach and in-depth transaction level analysis of taxability has helped her to conclude GST Departmental audits swiftly and which was appreciated by the Govt. audit team.

She has provided end to end assistance to clients in obtaining GST refunds. Over the period of time, the process of application for refund has been standardized with precise requirement of data resulting in processing of refunds with minimum queries and disallowances.

She has also represented her clients to resolve departmental queries raised time to time.